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Real Alloy™ is the global market leader in third party aluminum recycling and specification alloy production. We convert aluminum scrap and by-products into reusable aluminum metal and deliver it back to customers in molten, ingot and sow forms. Responding to the needs of an increasingly recycling-conscious world, we operate 24 facilities strategically located in six countries across North America and Europe to serve customers throughout the region and support a customer-driven approach to aluminum recycling and metal supply.

We provide a full line of recycling services to the aluminum industry. The company handles almost all forms of aluminum scrap and by-products and transforms those materials into high quality aluminum alloys, delivering to our customers in the form and chemistry they desire.

Real Alloy™ serves the entire aluminum industry in the regions we operate with a strong focus on serving customers’ needs. Our ability to produce a wide range of alloys in multiple forms has made us a key supplier to the automotive, consumer packaging, aerospace, and the building and construction industries, among others.

Real Alloy Factory


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  • Global Headquarters
  • 3700 Park East Drive, Suite 300
  • Cleveland, Ohio 44122
  • Phone: +1 844-732-5087
  • European Headquarters
  • Aluminiumstraße 3
  • 41515 Grevenbroich, Germany
  • Phone: +49 2181 16 45 0
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  • Scrap Process

    Aluminum recycled by Real Alloy™ includes many types of post-consumer and industrial scrap, including new scrap from the manufacturing of cans, engines and other products, and dross which is skimmed from the aluminum melting process. Real Alloy™ carefully sorts, cleans, processes and melts the scrap, then efficiently delivers it to metal customers in ingot, sow, or molten form.

    Examples of the materials that we process include:

    DROSS — One of the principal materials recycled by Real Alloy™, dross forms on the top of molten aluminum in furnaces during the melting process. reverberatory furnaces during the melting process.

    New Scrap — Generated from the manufacture of wheels, engine blocks and heads, can stock, extrusions, building materials and other items.

    Old Scrap — Includes things like used beverage cans, end of life vehicles, building components and other types of industrial and consumer scrap.


    Real Alloy™ operates both reverberatory and rotary furnaces. Solid aluminum scrap is converted into liquid form during the melting process. Throughout the melting process, additional alloying elements can be added to achieve a specified chemistry required for various end-use needs. The molten metal can be delivered as is or cast into various shapes such as ingot, RSI or Deox.

    Manufacturers rely on Real Alloy™ for recycled aluminum material that is processed in a consistent, high-quality manner. Through tolling programs, Real Alloy™ accepts, inspects, shreds, separates, de-lacquers and melts aluminum owned by its customers. After the melting process is completed, Real Alloy™ casts the aluminum and delivers it to the customer in molten, ingot, sow, or cone forms.

  • Delivery

    The molten aluminum is either delivered directly to customers in specially designed crucibles or poured into a mold allowing it to solidify into particular shapes: low-profile sow, several sizes of ingot, 2- and 4-way sows, Deox cones.

  • Aluminum

    Real Alloy™ produces a full range of aluminum deoxidizers for use in iron and steel production. All grades are produced to conform to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specification B-37-96 and meet steel industry standards. Aluminum deoxidizers are available in a wide variety of shapes including briquettes, cones, pyramids, shot and shreds.

    Products are provided in a variety of packaging styles to meet any customer’s unique requirements.

  • Magnesium

    The recycling of magnesium scrap is a very demanding process. Maybe that’s why magnesium recycling is not very widespread.

    Real Alloy™ is a leader in this market segment in Europe, and is particularly focused on recycling magnesium and aluminum composite castings. We are also able to recycle magnesium swarf and dross – even more difficult to process – thus achieving a closed-loop recycling system where the emphasis is on further utilization, rather than disposal.

    Magnesium can be effectively recycled without loss of quality. The energy required for recycling is only about three percent of that required for primary manufacture. For recycling, the waste products that occur in the foundries -- gatings, rejects, swarf, dross – are sorted into different quality categories (Classes 1 to 9, depending on composition and the level of contamination of the scrap), then melted down again after any necessary treatment.

    The ability to recycle 100 percent of all types of scrap makes Real Alloy™ a leading recycling specialist for magnesium.

  • Wrought Alloys

    Real Alloy™ recycles wrought alloy scrap and dross, then returns it to our customers as wrought alloys of the same grade in the form of sows or molten metal. Thanks to our superior technology and years of expertise, we achieve the highest yields in the industry. By carefully maintaining a balance in the material flows for every batch or production run, we are able to continuously optimize our processes and deliver value to our customers.

Metals Purchasing

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Real Alloy™ is one of the world’s largest consumers of aluminum scrap and by-products. Our experienced team of buyers purchase essentially all grades of aluminum for our network of recycling and manufacturing facilities around the world. We employ a wide range of furnaces and processing equipment, enabling us to safely clean and refine recycled scrap -- from the lowest recovery drosses and impure post-consumer scrap, to clean industrial scrap.

  • Mixed clips and solids (all alloys)
  • Turnings/borings/grindings (all alloys)
  • Lithographic sheet
  • Old cast/sheet (tense/taint tabor)
  • Auto/truck wheels
  • New/old extrusions
  • Shredded aluminum
  • Various grades of auto cast (twitch)
  • Aluminum/copper radiators
  • Dross/slag
  • RSI (per analysis)
  • Painted siding

3700 PARK EAST DRIVE, Suite 300
+1 844-732-5087