Delivery forms

REAL ALLOY is one of the few companies worldwide that produce a comprehensive range of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Our product range includes well over 250 different cast and wrought alloys, which we deliver to customers in a variety of solid forms. Most of our alloys are also available as molten metal, thanks to our sophisticated crucible technologies and optimized transport logistics.

Delivery as RSIs, small ingots, cones, granules, or molten metal

REAL ALLOY tailors its products and services to each customer’s individual specifications and adheres to the quality standards of the OEM industry. Our customers are actively involved in the development process and can choose between various delivery forms, including RSIs (remelt secondary ingots with a weight of 600–1,000 kg), small ingots (6–8 kg), cones (0.3 – 1.5 kg), granules (shaped like glass beads), and liquid metal. They can also define when, how, and where the materials shall be delivered.

Advantages of molten metal supply

Liquid aluminum is particularly cost-effective if specific quantities of aluminium are required. This form of delivery can greatly reduce the overall outlay, as it means less energy costs, less metal burn-off, and lower handling and financing costs. Customers don’t need to operate their own melt shop and can still benefit from access to molten specification alloys at just the right temperature. The supply with liquid aluminum increases foundries’ throughput and efficiency significantly.

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