Resource efficiency


As an international recycler of aluminum and magnesium scrap and dross, our business model revolves around resource efficiency, environmental protection, and energy management. The purpose and focus of our operations is reclaiming valuable metal from waste and returning it back into the cycle of valuable products. Careful scrap management and separation, sophisticated blending calculation, advanced production technology, and strict process and quality control make sure, that we achieve maximum yields of high-quality recycled light metal alloys with the least possible demand for energy and other resources.


The environmental impact of our business activities is regularly and comprehensively monitored and documented. Waste reduction, the prevention of emissions to air and water, and decreasing the noise and odor emissions are given high priority.

At many REAL ALLOY sites, our processes are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 (environmental management) and/or ISO 50001 (energy management). By complying with these standards, we have voluntarily undertaken not only to comply with all legal environmental obligations, but also to continuously and systematically improve our operational environmental performance and energy efficiency. 


All our processes and management decisions take environmental requirements and standards into consideration, as well as stakeholder concerns and the demands of the market. REAL ALLOY pursues an open information policy and works closely with the relevant government agencies and associations. We are similarly committed to maintaining a dialogue with the public, our suppliers, customers, and other contractual partners. We do so to offer transparency and insights into the activities of our various sites and related environmental considerations. This transparency is a prerequisite for sustaining an asset of immense value for REAL ALLLOY: the support and trust of the communities we operate and live in.