REAL ALLOY is the global market leader in third-party aluminum recycling and specification alloy production. We convert aluminum and magnesium scrap as well as by-products into reusable metal for a growing number of applications across various industries. Our customers can choose from an extensive range of cast and wrought products made from aluminum and magnesium alloys, delivered to their door in the form of molten metal, ingots, RSIs, or cones.

With 27 facilities in six countries across North America and Europe, REAL ALLOY is ideally positioned to respond to the needs of an increasingly recycling-conscious world. Advanced technologies enable us to process a large variety of scrap and dross and thereby reduce the amount of residual waste from aluminum manufacturing that would otherwise end up in landfill.

REAL ALLOY delivers highly versatile metals in a variety of different alloys in molten and solid ingot forms

REAL ALLOY combines cutting-edge technologies with flexible delivery solutions

REAL ALLOY operates 27 facilities strategically located in six countries across North America and Europe