We firmly believe that innovation is the key to growth. The leading position of REAL ALLOY in the world market for cast iron and wrought alloys is due to the innovative strength of the company and its many years of experience in the recycling of aluminum and magnesium scrap. REAL ALLOY has developed and patented technologically advanced furnace systems that are significantly more effective than conventional rotary kiln and Siemens Martin furnaces. Therefore, we can handle even contaminated aluminum scrap such as painted cans and coffee capsules. The melt from our furnaces has a remarkably low gas content and high homogeneity. Thanks to our gas flushing and filtration technologies, it is also largely free of oxide inclusion and impurities. These state-of-the-art processes allow us to produce high-quality cast alloys. And our customers benefit from materials that are suitable for more and more applications. 

The real Standard
for recycled light metal

REAL ALLOY is the global market leader in third-party aluminum recycling and specification alloy production. We convert aluminum scrap as well as by-products into reusable metal for a growing number of applications across various industries. Our customers can choose from an extensive range of cast and wrought products delivered to their door in the form of molten metal, ingot, RSI or cone.

With 23 facilities in six countries across North America and Europe, REAL ALLOY is ideally positioned to respond to the needs of an increasingly recycling-conscious world. Advanced technologies enable us to process a large variety of scrap and dross and reduce the amount of residual waste from aluminum manufacturing that would otherwise end up as landfill.