Our employees — across 23 production facilities around the world — are united by a common mission: At REAL ALLOY, our mission is to responsibly capture the inherent economic value of aluminum recycling solutions.

We are the best in the world at what we do. We will provide more value, be easier to do business with, and be the desired destination for both our customers and suppliers. We will work effectively to identify and continuously improve those things that set us apart. We expect excellence of ourselves and of those around us in everything we do. We will recognize where we are not the best and do something about it.

We are one global REAL ALLOY team with:

  • A passion for excellence
  • A commitment to integrity
  • An expectation of accountability
  • An environment of teamwork, trust, and empowerment
  • A strong sense of responsibility to our associates and our communities

Health and safety

Our employees are the key to our success. That is why occupational Health and Safety (H&S) is integrated into our operations and planning processes. Every REAL ALLOY facility has a comprehensive H&S management system, specifically designed to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses.

REAL ALLOY deploys a set of standards, elements, leading indicators and activities that establish clear expectations for H&S processes and support a continuous improvement approach through various measurements and accountability systems.

We incorporate occupational health and safety considerations into all our operational activities and decisions. “Zero Injuries” is our ultimate goal and the driver of our on-going efforts to continuously improve our H&S performance.

Resource Management and Environment

As an international recycler of aluminum scrap and dross, our business model revolves around resource management, environmental protection and energy efficiency. 

At REAL ALLOY, we deliver responsibility
and sustainability to our stakeholders.

The purpose and focus of our operations are to reclaim valuable metal from by-product materials and return it back to our customers. Scrap management, separation and blending calculation, help us to achieve maximum yields of high quality recycled light metal alloys, while minimizing the demand for energy and other resources.

Health and safety, environmental protection, responsible use of energy and resources are regular training subjects, as are good operating practices for all of our production equipment. This is part of our effort to provide a good and safe working environment. It also supports our attractiveness as an employer and helps attract and retain talented people in a highly competitive employment market.

Responsibly managing these — and all other aspects of our business “footprint” — will help us successfully work towards sustainability.


The REAL ALLOY Quality Policy aligns with our Mission, Vision and Values through a commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations for the quality of our products is of vital importance to our business. To this end, our integrated management system provides the framework of processes and guidelines to which all of our employees must adhere. Their work delivers world-class recycled aluminum that boasts exceptional properties and are sought after by a growing number of industries worldwide.

At many sites, REAL ALLOY is certified, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. While our aluminum alloys are manufactured in accordance with international standards, one of our key strengths is to incorporate and deliver on individual customer specifications.

Continuous Improvement

We continually seek to improve the way we work. Sharing best practices among teams and different sites around the world, performing structured process analyses, and applying Six Sigma tools all help REAL ALLOY capture and inspire creativity and innovation. In addition, our products come with a quality label, earned through both internal and external audits and state-of-the-art quality testing.