Machinery and facilities


We firmly believe that innovation is the key to economic growth. REAL ALLOY’s leadership role in the market for foundry and wrought alloys is built in large part on the company’s appetite for innovation and long-standing expertise in recycling aluminum and magnesium scrap.


REAL ALLOY has developed technologically advanced furnace systems that are significantly more effective than conventional rotary and open-hearth furnaces. As a result, the melt from our furnaces has a remarkably low gas content and high homogeneity, and is also largely free from oxide inclusion and impurities thanks to our gas flushing and filtering technologies.


These cutting-edge processes allow us to produce foundry and wrought alloys of extremely high quality, which in turn enables our clients to benefit from an ever-expanding range of applications for our products.
Our furnaces also lead the way in terms of safety – during loading, for example – and environmental protection thanks to their high energy efficiency and low use of salts.