Aluminum and magnesium are light, corrosion-resistant materials that are also excellent conductors of heat, demonstrate a high degree of stability, can be easily molded and processed, and are entirely nonhazardous. These qualities make aluminum and magnesium suitable for intelligent product solutions and commercial applications. And best of all, these metals' unique properties are unaffected by the recycling process, so these precious resources can be reused countless times with no loss of quality.



As the world’s largest aluminum recycler, REAL ALLOY understands what companies need to make their products lighter, stronger, and more efficient. We deliver these highly versatile metals in a variety of different alloys in molten and solid ingot forms. Molten aluminum is either delivered directly to the customer in specially designed crucibles or poured into a mold, allowing it to solidify into specialized shapes such as low-profile RSIs and several sizes of ingots.


Our specification foundry's alloy operations combine various scrap types and skimmings and drosses with hardeners and other additives to produce alloys and chemical compositions specified by customers for their particular applications. We offer the full range of aluminum-silicon alloys from standard high-pressure die casting AlSi9Cu3(Fe) to piston alloy AlSi17Cu4Mg according to customers' requirements. At our magnesium recycling unit we convert scrap, chips, and dross into magnesium die casting alloy ingots, i.e., AM50/60, AS31 and AZ91. 


REAL ALLOY converts wrought alloy scrap and skimmings and returns them to customers as wrought alloys of the same grade or according to their specification in the form of remelt secondary ingots (RSIs)  or molten metal. Thanks to our superior technology and years of expertise, we achieve high metal recoveries. By carefully maintaining a balance in the material flows for every batch or production run, we are able to continuously optimize our processes and deliver value to our customers.